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The success of Siba is largely dependent upon how well its customers are served. Siba is committed to providing timely, accurate, and courteous service to all of our customers.

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We aim to protect, allow and support people facing health challenges, so they can live life to its full potential.


Siba Life Sciences
  • Our brand portfolio targets chronic diseases from cancer, diabetes, and end- stage renal, illnesses to immune disorders and other life-threatening conditions
  • Marketed primarily in India, we offer our products to healthcare providers, including physicians, clinics, hospitals and pharmacies.
  • Beyond therapy, we support select products with patient friendly initiatives in disease awareness, prevention and management.
  • We also assist healthcare professionals and patients with the treatment of complex medical conditions.

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Siba Life has a capable and highly experienced management team to lead the company. Each member of the Siba executive team has been extensively involved in creating and implementing successful business models in the varied healthcare market.

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Siba Life Sciences
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