Femitone-30 Syrup

Female Health Care Medicine

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Relieves in Pain During Before and After Mensturation Regulates the Flow of Mensturation, Improves the Functions of Genital Organs.dissolve Inflammation of Uterus. a Complete Tonic for Genital Organs. females Who Feel Uneasiness, Convalescence, Irritation, Weakness, Feels Healthy and Happiness After the Regularuse Use of Femitone-30.


  • Side Effects : None
  • Pack Size : 200 ML / 450 ML Bottles
  • Dosage : 10-20 ML with Leukwarm or Fresh Water in the Morning & Evening or as Directed By the Physician.
Note : Don’t Use Femitone-30 During Menstruation & in Pregnancy.


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